Online Parking Citation and Adjudication Services
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Is the online parking service available at all times?

The online parking citation service is provided as a convenient alternative to an in-person hearing or a contest by mail. The online parking citation service is generally 24 hours a day; however the service is sometimes unavailable due to maintenance. Additionally, the Village cannot guarantee compatibility with your computer system. The online service is provided as a convenience. You are required to contest or pay on time whether or not the online service is available.

Do I need special hardware or software to pay or protest parking citation online?

You probably already have everything you need. The Village cannot guarantee compatibility with your computer system; however our service is typically compatible with common web browser software, such as, Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome. A personal email account is required to receive confirmation of transaction.

Is there a convenience fee to pay citation online and what credit cards are accepted?

The Village does not charge a convenience fee for online parking citation transactions. The online service accepts Visa, MasterCard and Discover credit and debit cards.

How can I avoid late fees?

Contest within 14 days or pay the citation in full within 14 days of issuance. If following a contest a fine is imposed, pay the fine within 14 days to avoid a late penalty.

What is the citation number format?

The citation number on hand written citations begin with the letter "P" followed by eight (8) numbers. Example: P87654321. The citation number on electronically printed citations begins with the number "1" followed by an alphabet and then followed by six (6) numbers. Example: 1Z654321

When does a citation become available online?

A hand written citation may take up to three business days to become available online. An electronically printed citation is available within one day.

I am unable to find a citation by plate number?

B-truck plates may require that you add "-B" to the end of the license plate. Example: 12345A-B.

Where are you located?

Oak Park Village Hall, 123 Madison Street, Oak Park, Illinois 60302 (two blocks west of Austin Blvd.).

How many days do I have to contest a citation?

You have 14 days from the date the citation was issued to submit a contest online at, by mail or to schedule an in-person hearing by calling 708.358.7275 (PARK) option 7.

My license is suspended. Who should I contact?

Call 708.358.7275 (PARK) option 7.

My vehicle has been booted. Who should I contact?

Call 708.358.7275 (PARK) option 8.

I am trying to contest a citation online but why doesn’t the online service find it?

Please allow 3 days for citations beginning with the letter "P" to become available online. Citations over 14 calendar days old cannot be contested online and will not be listed.

After I receive a judgment order, how many days do I have to pay the judgment?

You have 14 calendar days from the date of the judgment. Fines double on the 15th day if not previously paid in full.

I disagree with the judge’s decision, what can I do?

If you disagree with a judge’s findings you have 35 days from the date of the judgment to file an appeal to the Circuit Court of Cook County, illinois located in Maywood, IL.

The Default Notice is the first notice I received about a parking citation. What can I do?

If you receive a Default Notice the officer has indicated that a citation was issued to your vehicle. If you wish to contest the citation you must appear at the scheduled hearing date and time that appears on the notice.

I have received a Notice of Final Determination in the mail what does this mean?

If you have received a Notice of Final Determination you have 14 days from the date of the notice to do one of the following: pay the fine and late penalty or file a Petition in person to Set aside the Final Determination of Liability with the Office of Adjudication. An in-person hearing will be scheduled and an Administrative Law Judge will make a ruling on the motion.

I will be out of town the day of my hearing what can I do?

You can either pay the citation or come to the Office of Adjudication at Village Hall and file a Motion to Continue in order to receive a new hearing date.

I can’t come to a hearing can someone come for me?

Yes anyone 18 years or older (or 16 years or older if they were the operator of the vehicle at the time the citation was issued) can serve as your representative and contest a citation on your behalf. Your representative will be required to fill out an "Appearance Form" stating that they are acting on your behalf and may be required to present a state issued identification card.

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